Ambi Ring

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Ambi Ring is a wearable modern take on the famous optical illusion, the Ambiguous Cylinder.

Depending on your angles, this ring can be perceived in one of two ways -- a circle or a square.

This tactile piece of illusion is meant as a conversation starter or can be applied to your favorite ring routine.

The Ambi Ring was precisely designed from the ground up with high quality stainless steel. You can choose between silver and black, along with a matching necklace.

What's included in the box:

- A high-grade stainless steel ring (available in black or silver)

- A matching chain necklace

- Link to online video instructions

The Ambi Ring is a wearable version of the Ambiguous Cylinder optical illusion. This is a high quality ring designed to be a conversation piece for lovers of magic, puzzles, and optical illusions.

This ring can be used with your favorite finger ring magic, and Patrick includes some ideas in the instructional video. The illusion is very cool, so be sure to take a look at the preview video! 

Ambi Ring comes in Black or Silver and includes a matching chain so that it can be worn around your neck.

-Great conversation starter!

-Great for people that love puzzles, magic, and opticalillusions.

-Ideas for routines included in instructions

-Very well made, comes with a matching chain