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Dynamo Magicians Kit

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For the first time ever, take a peek behind the curtain and learn the secrets behind some of Dynamo’s incredible close-up magic. The Dynamo Magic Kit contains a curated selection of illusions chosen for their combination of spellbinding effect and ease of performing in everyday locations. Discover how to:

Tie your shoelaces without touching them
Cut your friends’ headphones in half and then magically restore them
Make a chosen card appear from nowhere
And much more

The Magic Kit contains everything you'll need to enthrall friends and strangers - from devices to supplementary props to Dynamo’s Book of Secrets, which includes words of inspiration from Dynamo, complete step-by-step instructions for each trick, plus tons of other brand new magic!

Kit includes:
Dynamo’s Book of Secrets
Standard deck of cards
Trick cards
Earbud headphones
Pair of shoelaces
Scratch-off lottery cards
Three essential secret devices

The ultimate magic kit has finally arrived!


Suggested Age Range: 8 to Adult


What The MoM Magicians Think:

'Dynamo is a regular customer at the Merchant of Magic, and we have had the pleasure of helping him learn and perform magic over his whole career. It's great to see him release such a good quality product. A magic set can be the gateway to a love of performing that can last a lifetime. It's social, educational, and gets the little magicians in your life away from their video games...

The problem with many other sets is that they tend to be full of the same generic little plastic tricks. The parts get lost and the sets forgotten. This kit isn't like that. The Dynamo Magic Kit is full of professional quality magic that's suitable for complete beginners.

Everyone knows who Dynamo is, he's inspiring, and this kit is designed to give the magician a complete 'act' of magic they can use at any age. One of the best magic sets we have ever seen!' - Dominic Reyes