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Gozinta Coin

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For years, Houdini perfected techniques to escape from impossible locations.. He mastered the art and became a legend.

But few today know of another magician... Caught in Houdini's shadow.. Dr Gozinta rejected the mainstream... Instead he worked on getting INSIDE impossible locations rather than escaping from them.. Sadly, he ended his days penniless, unknown, and trapped inside a confined space... But his greatest discovery DID escape!


Two coins are held over a glass, sitting on top of a traditional rubber pickling jar cover.. There's no way the coins can get inside...

You simply touch one of the coins and it will appear to melt right through the lid, falling into the glass with a satifying 'clink'.  The moment the coin is seen to slowly push through the cover is a lovely magical moment.

The coin REALLY is inside the glass..

There are no switched or sleights involved!

Everything can be examined.. There are no cuts, slits, holes, or flaps in the cover. It's 100% complete.

You can use any glass or jar.

You can use any coins (We recommend using a silver colour coin and a copper coin for a great contrast)

Self Working and suitable for all skill levels and ages...

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