Linko By Ben Williams

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Make two POLO's magically link together, then have the POLO's on the wrapper logo link together too!

Plain and simple, Link-0 is one of the coolest things we have played with for a while. Modern day TV style magic that is easy to perform.

'This trick is MINT! I own it and I perform it!' - Jimmy Strange (Creator of Deceptus)

So you take a couple of Polos out of your pack have them checked if you wish. Next you do the impossible, you give them a little rub and they link together! The Polos really are truly linked and can be given away as a souvenir.

Its not over yet though. Oh no!

You now draw attention to the packet of Polos, showing the logo on both sides you then point out that the Polos in the design do not match the linked Polos. Slowly with all eyes focused on you, you drag your thumb down the packet causing one of the Polos from the design to meet the other so the design of Polos on the packet is now linked! That is right, you actually move the ink on the wrapper leaving it permanently altered.

'This trick left holes in my head! - It's in my working repertoire.' - Kieron Johnson (Creator of To the Max and Ice-olation)