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Mystery Deck

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(Collection 3)

Building your playing card collection is a challenge.. It's very hard to choose... So why not let fate do it for you...

So far, each of our mystery deck collections have sold out in just a few days of going live. It's not surprising with so many rare, limited edition, and collectable decks to find.. The response from all over the world as been amazing and it's allowed us to work with the world's leading deck designers and distributors to make collection 3 the BEST EVER!

In collection 3, we've picked 250 of the worlds best playing card decks and wrapped them up so even we don't know which deck is hidden inside each pack.

Using recommendations and suggestions from expert cardicians and playing card collectors worldwide, we've picked a range of playing cards that any magician and card enthusiast would love in their collection. 

Every Mystery Deck is a surprise waiting to happen

All you have to do is take a chance... and then open your deck. What's inside? Take your time to open it... That's part of the fun...

Don't ask us what's in the Mystery Deck, we simply won't tell you, because we don't know either... 


What we DO know:

In this run there are 250 Mystery Decks each with one deck inside.

It's a lucky dip... Once wrapped, we have no idea which one is which..

We've made sure that EVERY pack contains a deck (or decks) with a retail value greater than the price of the Mystery Deck..

Some Mystery Decks are worth MUCH MUCH more! 

Some of the RARE Decks You Might Find:

3 x Run: Bankroll Edition Decks to be found (Worth £70 each)

6 x Whirl Decks -  LIMITED EDITION:
Only 1500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. (Worth £16)
2 x  Private Reserve Remedies Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider
(Worth £58 each)
8 x Club Pitch V2 Blackjacks  LIMITED EDITION: Only 360 printed!
(Worth £24 each)

2 x Kings Black Playing Cards By Ellusionist 
(Worth £80 each)

6 x Deluxe Foiled Limited Edition Dark Lordz Royale
(Purple) by De'vo (Worth £20 each)
3 x Jerry's Nuggets (Blue Foil) Vintage Feel (RRP £39)

2 x Enuma (Elish) Playing Cards (Worth £27.99)
Only 1000 ever printed
2 x Bicycle MetalLuxe Emerald Playing Cards (Worth £25 each)


 2 x Gilded Limited Edition Bicycle Cybertech Playing Cards (worth £24)

Only 400 Ever Printed

Customer Unboxing Videos

Matt Homer visited our bricks and mortar store at the weekend and picked up one of the first Collection 3 packs to be stacked on the shelves... 


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Thanks for the video and congratulations on the great find Matt!


Peter Ford filmed an unboxing for the YouTube channel Peter Ford Magic. Another great find... We would love to see YOUR unboxing videos too! 



Many of the decks are limited edition runs making them investments to collect, or simply crack open the wrapper.. break the seal.. and enjoy! Other decks are less rare, yet every one has been hand picked to be incredibly collectible...

Theory 11 Monarch 
Marvel Avengers 
Theory 11 Star Wars
Eva Noire Playing Cards
Virtuoso Decks
and many many more...



You WILL receive a surprise deck or decks of cards worth at least the price you were charged for the pack, and it could very well be cards worth MUCH MUCH more.....




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