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Poker Size Rainbow Deck by Merchant of Magic

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This is a high quality rainbow deck, constructed from different poker sized decks of Bicycle quality.

Each deck consists of 54 cards from 52 different decks.


The Performer pulls out a deck of cards from pocket and places it on the table. They explain that in this card case is 52 different cards that they have amassed over the years, taking one from every game of poker they played until they had a full deck of 52 random cards. They even went as far as to grab a box from one game. 

The performer then lays two cards face up and hands the deck to the spectator. The spectator is instructed to start down through the cards and stop whenever they feel like they have found the pair one of the face up cards. This point is marked with one of the face up cards and the action repeated once wherever they and marking the spot with the other face up card.

The cards are then spread out, showing all of the backs and removing the face up cards and the cards next to them.

They are shown to be the matching pairs of the face up cards, are shown to have the same matching back designs as the face up cards.

For a kicker ending, the deck is spread face up showing that every other card in the deck has the exact same value and the two pairs of cards are the only odd cards in the whole deck.


  • 52 different back designs
  • Completely self working and easy to do
  • Comes with performance instructions



Please note that decks are all open with broken seals. These have been constructed from 52 different random decks and you will a random box from one of those decks. Each deck is back designs may vary from deck to deck