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RED by Edouard Boulanger

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RED is a complete sponge ball routine. It has been designed for the table or salon magic. 

Step 1 

Show a two-colour red and yellow ball. Explain that this is not as it should be... -- You should have a red ball and a yellow ball. 

Put the ball in the spectator's hand and take a syringe out of your pocket (without needle). 

Ask the spectator which colour he prefers (example: red) and put the tip of the syringe into the fist of the spectator. Operate the syringe and the spectator will see red appear inside!!

When he opens his fist, the spectator will have only one completely yellow ball!! 

Step 2 

Pull the syringe to extract the red fluid that forms again in a red ball. Place this red ball in the spectator's open hand, take the yellow ball and explain that the yellow must not come in contact with the red. 

Ask your spectator if he wants to see what it causes... Touch the yellow ball and the red ball and the spectator will end up with two red balls! 

Step 3 

Transfusion... Place a red ball in your hand and a red ball in the spectator's hand. Get out your syringe and suck up your ball. 

Place the tip of the syringe on the back of the spectator's fist and explain to him that the fluid will "cross" his hand! 

Operate the syringe, the viewer sees the fluid go down... Ask him to open his fist so that he can see that the red ball has joined the one he had trapped in his hand. 

All the movements are logical and justified, the effects are different and crescendo to a great finale! 

So if you're looking for a fun, visual and high-impact routine, then you need RED. 

The balls are of Goshman world class quality. 

Other effects possible with the delivered material: A red and yellow ball doubles up on sight, turning into a red ball and a yellow ball. 

You can use the syringe for other colour changes.

The syringe is translucent, and the built-in system required a lot of research to offer you a reliable and efficient product.