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Rubiks Cube to Bottle - The Magicial Gift

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Putting an object inside a bottle is THE hot effect in magic right now. "Cube in Bottle" tales this one step further.

Try to place a Rubik's Cube that clearly cannot fit inside a bottle, due to the small bottle neck, inside the bottle. This seems totally impossible. Yet it can be done!

Now you can know this incredible secret. Being able to reproduce this process quickly and gracefully in performance has been one of the central problems in cube magic effects. It's now been solved. 

Each set is precision-made by hand. The gimmick's design is of the highest build quality and complex, and the Rubik's Cube can be mixed. 

Then you can put the SIGNED Rubik's Cube into the bottle directly in front of the audience. 

A few reasons why this is the best cube to bottle on the market

The Spectator can sign the cube and it goes into the bottle.

Unlike other versions on the market, It really is the same cube that is pushed into the jar.

No Jacket required and no need to turn your back on the audience.

It's examinable at the end.

The cube can be removed and put back into the jar at will.

Designed to visually push the cube into the jar in front of the audience

We took into account every detail to ensure that this prop can be used quickly and works perfectly in every performances. You can give this "Cube in Bottle" to the audience as a souvenir after the show, Then simply make another.... 

It's the perfect souvenir for your audience, VIP clients, or the hotel/restaurant manager when you want them to remember you. 


  • A precision-made gimmick Rubik's Cube
  • A regular Rubik's Cube
  • A glass bottle
  • A detailed instructional DVD