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Sat 12th Sept Magic Workshop - Stage 1 - 10.30am - 12.00pm


Because the shop has limited space to socially distance, we are booking feach workshop as an exclusive session for up to 4 people. It will just be your group and the instructor. 

We are limited to only 4 spaces per session.

Adult supervision is required for children under 13.

Suitable for all ages. You will be taught techniques and tricks used by professional magicians. An introduction to sleight of hand, how to practice, misdirection, and close-up magic.


You’ll learn some amazing tricks to entertain your friends, discover some skills you never knew you had, and will receive a signed certificate of attendance by Master Magician Dominic Reyes who is a member of the world famous Magic Circle in London.

In our old workshops we found there was too much ‘wasted time’ whilst the instructor travels around the large group helping people in turn.

We’ve solved this problem.

The workshops have a small group of 6 people. Each groups session lasts 1.5 hours. We’ve found a lesson longer than this can be overload.

This way we work much closer with the smaller group and cover all the material in far more detail and personal attention than in a large group over a longer time. It’s more intimate, interactive, and much much more effective.

As well as the expert tuition, you’ll also be getting some professional magicians props to use and take home with you to continue your practice.

The workshops been developed from the ground up by our professional qualified magicians. Over 20 years of experience teaching beginners means this is a unique and unmissable opportunity to learn magic the right way.

This event will need adult supervision at all times.



The Merchant of Magic
7 Brook Court, Brook Street, 
Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire. SO32 1AX