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Ultimate Magicians Christmas stocking

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Are you stuck on what to get your magician for Christmas? Well Merchant of Magic has your back!
This is a jam packed Christmas stocking - just add a satsuma and Santa himself would be jealous!
Over £75 worth of magic is included in this one of a kind Christmas Stocking!
What's included in this I hear you ask?


Clipped Scam:

A fantatsic 3 card monte routine usinga paperclip to prevent the magician from cheating!


Ultra Collectors:

The four tens are removed from the deck and tabled face-up. Three cards are then selected, memorized and lost in the pack. The tens are placed on top of the deck. The magician snaps his fingers and then spreads the tens. Three face-down cards are now interlaced between them! When the cards are removed and turned over, they are the three selections!



A totally revolutionised Rising Card from Titanas. Using no threads, magnets, strings or electronics, you can perform a fully surrounded Rising card!


Jumping Gem Pen:

The traditional Jumping Gem/ Hotrod has been a staple of magicians for AGES, now Jeff Prace has incorperated this idea into a working Bic pen.



This DVD features 10 stunning routines ranging from very, very easy right through to more advanced card magic! Either way, there's something for everyone on this DVD which features live performances and in-depth training that take the DVD to a running time of over 2 hours


Svengali Deck:

A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch! The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck. The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack - but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again!


Stripper Deck:

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician then lets the SPECTATOR shuffle the deck completely losing their card in the middle of the pack. The deck is then handed back to the magician who cuts the cards one time and the selected card magically rises to the top of the deck! The card is then placed back in the middle of the pack and shuffled again by the spectator. Magically the magician takes the pack and removes the spectators selected card right out of the middle of the deck! This effect can be immediately repeated with a different card! Perform incredible feats of card magic which will make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes.


Regular Deck:

A regular deck of playing cards perfect for performing magic tricks!


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